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BrainFu**-DASM16 manual (e-book)
updated 1516 days ago
Memory/Screen Clearer (util)
updated 1562 days ago
NatGeo Wild HD logo (pic)
updated 1562 days ago

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shows normaly now in dcpu.ru :)

submitted 1516 days ago by Egor305 to BrainFu**-DASM16 manual (e-book)

im about to write "left arrow" and "right arrow" code :)
i think that backspace will works like left arrow, but it will delete symbol that on back

submitted 1562 days ago by Egor305 to Egor305's TextEditor v0.25 (app)

even moar info: all works perfectly only frist time you enter command :D

submitted 1563 days ago by Egor305 to lukeOS

letters messed up!

submitted 1564 days ago by Egor305 to Hangman

isn't code sayin that its v1.5?

submitted 1564 days ago by Egor305 to 2D Minecraft v1.6

Top rated apps

  1. 6 votes
    My implementation of Tetris. Tested only in my emulator...
  2. 5 votes
    Stub of an OS.
  3. 4 votes
    Matrix digital rain
    A simple screesaver featuring Matrix effect of falling from the top of the...
  4. 4 votes
    Thy Dungeonman
    An implementation of THY DUNGEONMAN from Homestar Runner.
  5. 4 votes
    Bench 'Em Up - space shooter
    This is a sidescrolling space shooter that doubles as a benchmark of fullscreen...

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  1. 0 votes
    Minute or two ago, i submited a numtosym program this is more compact version...
  2. 0 votes
    Number-To-Text (example)
    Simple thing that does from: A = 123 to: 0x8000 = 1 0x8001 = 2 0x8002 = 3
  3. 0 votes
    BrainFu**-DASM16 manual (e-book)
    Maked using Text Output v1.0 I write 7 programs in a day! lolol it will...
  4. 1 votes
    Memory/Screen Clearer (util)
    Clears all memory :) (can be seted to delete some part of it.) Program it self...
  5. 0 votes
    Text Output v2.0 (lib)
    Simple program to write text to screen Change log: 2.0 FontAPI Added 1.0...
  6. 0 votes
    Output Function (lib)
    example of code that you can change to SET [B], A lol
  7. 0 votes
    Egor305's TextEditor v0.25 (app)
    Based on DCPU-16 Studio's keyboard.dasm16 i want to make small but good text...
  8. 0 votes
    NatGeo Wild HD logo (pic)
    Maked using Text Output v2.0 demo of FontAPI
  9. 0 votes
    Rainbow Program (pic)
    Using my own text output program (v1.0) :) FAQ: Q:Hey, it not...
  10. 0 votes
    Text Editor
    Very basic text editor. Might add some functionality stuff later